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Affordable Personal Health Care

Our personal health care services are designed to provide professional and compassionate care to help individuals live comfortably and independently in their own homes.

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At Shelter At Home Care,
we offer a range of high-quality services to meet all of your home care needs.

Affordable Personal Health Care: Putting Your Well-being First

Shelter At Home Care provides support for daily living services to help loved ones stay at home independently when doing daily duties like cooking, dressing, or running errands becomes difficult. Your demands for private duty care, including McDonough GA, can be met by us. Before beginning treatment, it’s critical to ascertain each client’s needs because each individual and circumstance is unique. The comprehensive evaluation pinpoints all the everyday assistance programs necessary for a secure and comfortable home life. The personal care program for every client is derived from the in-home evaluation. Our kind caregivers provide affordable personal health care, and a personalized resource guide, to provide all-day services for your loved one. Our supervisor must ensure that every service demand is satisfied.

Our personal support program offers trach care, tube feeding, suctioning, diaper changes, and repositioning through our skilled caring team if your family is bedridden. It’s challenging to be an adult kid taking care of a parent. With our respite care, you can take a break and rejuvenate yourself, knowing that your important someone is in excellent hands. It also relieves you of the burden of providing care.

Personal Health Care
Personal Health Care

Enhance Your Well-being with the Best Personal Health Care Services.

As a registered private home care provider, we help persons with developmental impairments and elders live comfortably in their own homes by offering in-home care services. We provide the greatest care and assistance possible to those who want to live freely in their own homes with the help of kind and considerate direct care providers. We assist people in utilizing and appreciating every facet of their neighborhood. Experience demonstrates that this degree of specificity on our end offers you the best possible service, compatibility, and continuity of care.

We understand that hiring someone to provide affordable personal health care services in your home is a significant decision that calls for confidence. Knowing that all caregivers are drug tested, have had their job and criminal histories investigated, have had their references and experience confirmed, have had their licenses validated, are bonded, and carry insurance will offer you peace of mind. Last but not least, a professional, registered nurse who works for the company’s management team oversees and evaluates our caregivers. Call us!

Expert home care services that treat you like family.


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Aims L

"My family and I are so grateful for the exceptional care that Shelter At Home Care provided for our father. The caregivers were kind, attentive, and truly went above and beyond to ensure his comfort and wellbeing. The team was always prompt, professional, and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of home care services."

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Judith Moman

"I cannot say enough good things about Shelter At Home Care. They provided me with companionship and personal health care services after a surgery, and it made all the difference in my recovery. The staff was friendly, skilled, and compassionate, and they made me feel like I was part of their family. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs support and care at home."

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Patricia Henderson

"I hired Shelter At Home Care to provide transportation and meal prep services for my elderly mother, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The caregiver was always on time, courteous, and professional, and my mother loved her. The meals were healthy and delicious, and the caregiver even helped my mother with light housekeeping. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to improve the quality of life for their loved ones."



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