Types of Patio Design for Your Backyard

Patio Design

Patio design can be done whether a house has big space or not. There are so many ideas to create your outdoor room so that it looks like more interseting. You can choose which style you choose based on the budget you have and your house’s style. Below, there are some ideas that might you choose to create your own patio.

Asian Designs
There are some ideas to have patio design in asian style. You can create the atmosphere by placing earthy color of stones, and apply a mini waterfall. Placing Asian furnitures such as bonsai or pagoda and also touching of bamboos are also good idea to have an Asian atmosphere. The bamboo can be used as fence.
Using wood pallet as roof also good. Give it the same color with the color of fence you have. Using stone with many textures, patterns, and color will be strengthen the theme. Use pebble stone as walkway. Besides using pebble path, you can also use wood or bamboo as small bridge. The use of wood or bamboo as bridge will be beautiful if you have small pond. Yet, this idea cannot be applied in small space of backyard. The pebble paths also good when it is used like the bamboo or the wood, or as bridge. Having patio like Japanese tea also is also great. Japanese tea house, then, can be functioned as sunroom as well.

Beach Style
The simplest idea for giving beach touch for your patio design is by giving hanging chair at your patio. Choose grey or green pebble tile to stregthen the theme. Solar lantern and ceramic pot with small palm tree are also good touch. The furnitures that may become your choose are seashell pot and deck light. You can place also a bird house at your backyard. The use of curved sofa with bright color are also brilliant. Use also wood touch, you can apply it as fence.

Modern Style
It may be the simplest patio design you have. Use the power of color, choose the calm one, for instance white or ivory white. You can place a small cafe table in your patio, use white color. Not many furnitures you have to put if you choose this style. Place hanging lamp, with monochromatic color or choose the one with same color with the chair and desk you have. For applying this design, you may also use room at your roof, or use the deck you have.

Covered Patio Designs

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