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Simple living room decoration is just what you need if you want your living room to look pretty but not exaggerated. Living room is one of the most essential parts of the house because it is going to be the place to host your guests and sometimes it is also going to be the place to enjoy the time with your companions. Living room is the perfect place where you can show off your personality and your creativity to your guests. However, in decorating a living room, all you have to do to make it pretty is actually quite simple. You do not have to spend a lot of money to decorate your living room. You can keep it simple and beautiful. Below are some ideas to achieve the simple decoration for your living room.

Hang Something on the Wall
The wall is the probably the main part of interior decoration. The vast space cannot just be left blank because the wall can be like a great canvas where you can use to show your creativity. Thus, to keep your living room simple but pretty, you have to hang something in your wall. The simplest thing is probably hanging decorative mask. There are a lot of variations of decorative masks out there sold with inexpensive prices. You can also hang silver trays on the wall. They will be eye-catching elements for your living room and they are absolutely inexpensive.

Flowers and Plants
Simplicity is often related to nature. That is why to keep your living room simple but pretty, ask the help of nature. Bring in plants and flowers to your simple living room. You can have either real plants or the plastic one. The real one will be better though because it can give you fresh oxygen during the day. Choose the green plants on pots and put it on one or two corners of the living room. As for the flowers, make an assortment of beautiful and colorful flowers and place them into a flower vase. Then, place the vase on top of the table, on the shelf, or on top of the cabinet.

Traditional Design
A traditional design is the perfect combination of timeless, beautiful, and also well-defined elements. Traditional design always looks elegant, simple, and calm. It is perfect for people who love simplicity in life. One of main characters of traditional design is the usage of calm colors such as light blue, pale pink, and cream. Those colors are perfect to create simple living room decoration.

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